I. Membership

  1. Eligible applicants for membership may be accepted into the Club, at any time during the year, from the date of full payment of the membership fee.
  2. Membership shall be valid for a period of 12 months.
  3. The membership fee may be paid by bank transfer into the Club’s account (c/o Unicredit Banca Spa, Miramare branch, IBAN IT 71 M 02008 02213 000101187856) or by cash at coffee mornings. A receipt shall be issued for every payment.
  4. The membership fee shall be reviewed during the Ordinary Assembly, following the procedure described in the Bylaws.
  5. A membership form shall be filled in and signed by all members upon enrolment or renewal of membership.
  6. A copy of the membership form is attached to these Rules & Regulations (Attachment A) and may be downloaded from the Club’s website.
  7.  Every new or renewing member shall be given a membership card, which shall be valid for 12 months.
  8. A valid membership card entitles to the benefits foreseen by the discount scheme.
  9. Members shall present their membership cards to register at every coffee morning by presenting the latter to the welcome officer or his/her substitute.
  10. Membership entitles to 11 coffee mornings free of charge.
  11. New members shall be sent a welcome kit by the Board (by email), containing all the information regarding the Club, its website and the password to access its members only section, a copy of the updated members directory, of the discount scheme, of the Bylaws and the Rules&Regulations.


II. Networking Activities and Events

Networking activities and events include coffee mornings and aperitivi, special interest groups offered by members to members, paid activities, one-off events and tours, and may be organized by the Board and by single members in coordination with the Board.

  1. Coffee mornings shall be the main networking event and shall be held on the first Tuesday of every month, except for August, at the same venue, and shall be paid for out of Club funds.
  2. Aperitivi shall be organized at different venues at least once a month, except for August, to give all members, their partners and friends a chance to get together. All participants shall pay for the drinks and food consumed. However, during the year, one aperitivo shall be offered to members by the Club, funds permitting.
  3. Special interest groups are organized by a single person, who becomes the activity leader and fully responsible for the organization of the group, including communicating of dates/times and of any changes to the internal relations officer in good time, and in any case before the first day of the month in question.
  4. Paid activities may be organized by the Board or by a single member who becomes the activity leader and fully responsible for the organization of the paid activity, including any follow-up, the collection of deposits and fees and the payment of the activity to the organizing body.
  5. One-off events (such as dinners or lunches, museum visits, etc.) may be organized by the Board or by a single member who becomes the reference person for the event and fully responsible for its organization. One-off events may either have a fixed fee per person or a fee resulting from the total cost divided by the number of participants. In any case one-off events require registration by a set deadline together with the payment of a deposit, if foreseen. The remaining balance shall be settled by every single participant before the event at the latest. A report, for which a template is attached (Attachment B), shall be delivered to the Treasurer, to be kept for the Club’s accounts.
  6. For tours the procedures foreseen for one-off events apply.
  7. Should there be a surplus due to an increased number of participants, such surplus shall not be considered a profit, but shall only be retained by the Treasurer to cover potential shortfalls.
  8. Participants who register but don’t show up shall lose their deposit and this deposit shall also be retained by the Treasurer to cover potential shortfalls. 
  9. If the minimum number of participants is not reached by the deadline, the Board reserves the right to cancel the activities/events/tours.


III. The Board

  1. The Board shall be made up of a majority of foreign nationals (i.e. 3 out of 5 or 4 out of 7).
  2. The President shall be a foreign national.
  3. The Board shall meet once a month, except for August, and/or whenever deemed necessary. Board meetings shall be called by email with a few days notice and with a proposed agenda.
  4. Board members are required to attend at least 90% of board meetings.
  5. Board members shall be fluent in English and should have good knowledge of Italian.
  6. At every board meeting minutes shall be taken by one of the board members, in rotation. A template for the minutes is attached (Attachment C). The minutes shall be approved and signed by those board members who attended the meeting.
  7. The distribution of duties and tasks required for the good management of the Club shall be signed by way of acceptance by every single board member.
  8. Every single board member shall perform his/her duties autonomously, yet in close collaboration and continuous coordination with the other board members.
  9. Absent members do not have a right to vote and shall accept the decisions taken during board meetings.
  10. The president and the vice-president represent the Club and their positions may be combined with other board positions.


IV. The Website

1. The website www.iwctr.org shall be the main means of communication with the public and with club members.
2. A monthly calendar of activities and events, as well as any related lastminute changes of any kind, shall be posted on the website.
3. Any last minute-changes of, or new, activities and/or events not included in the calendar shall be posted in the news&updates section.
4. The members only section is for use by Club members only and its access is password-protected. The valid password shall be given to new and renewing members upon enrolment. It will be changed on a regular basis to protect members’ privacy.


V. Guests

1. Guests may attend one coffee morning free of charge. After that, attendance at a coffee morning requires payment of the membership fee.
2. Guests are welcomed to events such as the aperitivi, club dinners, outings and tours, if places are still available. In any case, priority is given to paidup
3. A different fee may apply for guests at these events.
4. Special interest groups and regular activities are open to members of the Club only.


VI. Official docs

All official documents shall be kept by the President and may be viewed by
the Club’s members at any time upon request.



Attachment A – Membership Form

Microsoft Word - IWCTR Rules&Regulations 2014.docx


Attachment B – Events/Tours Report

Microsoft Word - IWCTR Rules&Regulations 2014.docx


Attachment C – Template of Minutes

Microsoft Word - IWCTR Rules&Regulations 2014.docx