Since its foundation in 2009, the International Welcome Club of Trieste has grown considerably; friendships and bonds have been formed, and as happens in life, some have dissolved and others have been reinforced.

Our Club is not like many others present in Trieste (such as sporting, cultural, and recreational associations), as it is composed of a group of people who come and go, a meeting place of itinerants, whose main aim and reason for being, is to offer a warm welcome to other newcomers to the city.

Hospitality does not need a fixed structure, but can be expressed by the disposition of the people, and thus its informality, its fluidity are its fundamental characteristics that must be carefully preserved and cultivated.

The ” cultural wealth” of IWCTR consists in the contribution to this small but important group that is given by the multicultural diversity of its individual members in the various initiatives, and which is fundamental and vital for the future of our association, as it has been in the past.

The passionate and enthusiastic involvement that has distinguished the individual members, or rather the women – who are the core of the Club – with their different experiences, origins and cultures, will be the “leitmotif” of the future, when we hope to get to know each other even better and to enjoy each others company.


(text by Marisa Tonel, translated by Alexandra Meehan)